McLeod Murphy Scholarship Awards

The scholarship  fund was originally managed by Joe Falcone.  The funds were gifted to provide a legacy of Dr McLeod Murphy.  In his retirement he would visit sick patients and wouldn’t charge them.  He wanted to continue that legacy and established a scholarship to encourage study in the field of medicine.
Rotary has been the custodian of the trust fund since 1986. 
Louisa Lammers from Emerald Village Pharmacy has been a great financial support as has the Emerald Vet.
PP PHF Marcus – awarded the scholarships at our 25 June 2024 Rotary Meeting

Ebony Dasler
Ebony was the Valedictorian for the Emerald Secondary College and an excellent representative of the cohort of year 12.   She completed year 12 in 2022 and wanted to do Physio initially, then discovered Occupational Therapy and it is what she now really wants to do because,  as this allied health profession helps people have control of their lives.  She is studying at Australian Catholic University and is now in the second year of a 4-year course.
What does it mean to Ebony? – The scholarship is inspiring as it is important that the local community has access to health care including allied health and OT.
Jaicob Barrot
Jaicob is in his 1st year of medicine this year.  He has always wanted to follow a medical career as his brother was in neo-natal care and he went there when he was 3 to visit him.  In prep at age of 5 he wrote down he wanted to be a paediatrician and hasn’t faltered from that goal.  Jaicob went to Emerald Primary School then Emerald Secondary College in 7&8 then applied for Nossal School and was accepted for years 9-12.  There are various pathways to medicine and Jaicobs was to do an undergraduate course.  He sat the UCAT and passed in the top 8% who are invited to Monash for an interview.  His ATAR scores were then taken into account.  His pathway will take 5 years and he has chosen the Extended Rural Cohort which will entail completing placements in rural hospitals in years 3/4/5.
What does the scholarship mean to Jaicob? He is looking forward to giving back to the rural community – will help with costs of the course.
He is very thankful and grateful to Rotary for the scholarship.