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Hello, wonderful Rotarians!
I hope everyone is doing well and treating themselves with kindness this week. 
A big thank you to our guest speaker, Tanya Neilson, for sharing her inspiring journey with us.
On a lighter note, let's send some positive vibes to Tom, who had a bit of a mishap on Tuesday night. We're relieved to hear he's back at the Glades and wish him a speedy recovery. Keep Tom in your thoughts, everyone.
Exciting news! Our Rotary market is happening this Saturday, thanks to the hard work of PP, AG Catherine, and their dedicated team. Let's show our support and see those smiling faces bright and early!
Next week, we have a double treat with John Ritchie toasting not just one, but two wonderful residents of the Glades, May Boden and Mike Gill. It's going to be a special one since we missed our February club assembly due to the storms.
Our club chairs will also fill us in on upcoming events and projects you might want to get involved in. Stay tuned!
And now, for a bit of fun, here's a quiz question: How many stars are on the flag of New Zealand? No peeking, folks!
Remember, kindness starts with yourself. Take care, stay safe, and live your life to the fullest.
President Sangeeta
In order to confirm numbers for meetings at the pub, please ensure that you communicate the following to PP PHF Lorna:
  • notify if NOT attending by 12 noon on the MONDAY before the meeting
  • and notify if bringing guests or visitor
  • notify at any time about future absences and holidays.
Thank You!

Last Week's Meeting

Welcome to our guest speaker Tanya Neilsen
Chairperson Allan Douglas
Guest Speaker - Tanya Neilson – Guardian Injury Law
Tanya started the business 2 years ago and has a long-standing relationship with Emerald.  She got married at St Marks then moved away  and went through Articles in regional areas.  Initially thinking Family Law was her passion  she found her niche in Injury Law - representing people from all walks of life working when people at their most vulnerable and walking beside them.
Her 3 children are at school locally and when her husband had a back injury and it provided her with first hand experience regarding what families go through. 
Tanya worked for Stringer Clark and became a Senior Associate and headed up the office in Dandenong and was appointed as a Partner.  When COVID hit she managed a team remotely then thought it was time to do something different and it prompted her to set up her own business
Guardian Injury Law was established in Oct 2021 and employs local people – especially local mums.
To find out more about what Tanya provides click on link below:

... and Antics Under the Table!!!

Rotary Community Groups – PP PHF DGN – Emma Clark
Being put into a cluster of clubs quite a broad reach.An opportunity to be a leading club in the cluster.Attended an online session on Saturday basically it is what we make of it.Looking at some joint projects.Seeing common connections with other clubs to work together.
Volunteering had gone down since COVID so we are fighting an up-hill battle.
What are we going to activate? .. and we need to look outside our club and spread the love around our community group. Possibly a travelling road show in the cluster.
All sorts of projects are on the table and there are a lot of opportunities.
We need to appoint a Community Leader – have a think who that may be???
Mentoring other clubs and mentoring other clubs.So please think about it!!
Inclusion Committee opportunities – to ensure that Rotary is the same experience for everyone so people who come feel safe and included.  Emma will send round an invitation.

Committee Reports

Market - PP PHF Catherine Elfick
  • The market is on this Saturday – Mad March Market.
  • Roster going around to sign up and help.Please put the signs up.
  • The weather is going to be amazing – looking at a great morning
  • Any ideas about moving foot traffic from the main street to the oval would be appreciated!!!
Vocational -  PP PHF Gayle Barrot
Speaker Shamer – from Feed the Homeless a few weeks’ agp – we are volunteering to do that on 20 April, Sat.   It will be an all-day event and have a social meal afterwards.  Please book in to assist.
International - PP PHF Tina McInerney
  • International put in for a project for toilets in Vanuatu.Because of climate change the water is contaminated.Engineers Without Borders are building toilert blocks.
  • We got a grant from District and the project is starting soon.
  • The project will be finished by the end of June – the toilet block will be completed by then.
  • Tenderfoot School - $295 per child for a year – asked for contributions and someone gave Tina $50 – envelope passed around for the opportunity to contribute.
PP PHF - Russ Marnock
Has been to Oregon – International Skiing Rotarians raising money for those with disabilities who want to participate in sport.  Hosted by Combined RCs of Oregon.  It was a good opportunity to get the name of Rotary out.  They have 130 members between them and raise a lot of funds.  75 people took part and raised $40k this year.
He mentionted a duck raffle down the river that raises $100k.  Not sure where I couldnt hear.
There idsa study Tour East Timor – to raise funds Alohla Foundation for the another tour is happening in June.
Mental Health Forum – PP PHF Ian Wakefield
  • 25th July
  • St Mark’s Church
  • Face to face and hybrid
  • Keep evening free
Serg Ian Ash did a great job as Hendo.
Pres. Sangeeta Closing
  • Thank you to our guest speaker
  • Thank you Allen for Chairing
  • Thank you Emma for going on Saturday
  • 501 Squadron – took part in the Monash Children’s Walk met up with Mount Waverley Rotary Club then went to Chelsea for the Isabella Marcus Foundation -Kids with Brain Cancer
Finally, our Storm-Trooping President at the Monash Children's Walk meeting up with the Rotary Club of Mt Waverley members.
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