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G'day Fantastic Fellow Rotarians!
Happy long weekend vibes!
Firstly, massive thanks to each and every one of you for making our first meeting of 2024 an absolute ripper! And how about Toni-Anne winning the choc lotto? 
That's a surefire sign we're in for a rip-roaring year of fun!
A huge congrats to Peter Brock, who's touched down from Singapore and jumped right back into our club. But wait, there's moreβ€”Peter's also stepped up to be the President Elect Nominee for 2025-2026! Welcome home, legend! πŸ˜Š
Now, let's give a big cheer for the results of our club survey. We're a tight-knit bunch, and the survey just proved it. 
A massive thank you to PP Ian Ash and the whole team for a job well done.
Don't forget to chuck your name down for All Americanβ€”it's just 3 weeks away! 
Greg Adams and his crew are working their magic behind the scenes to make sure it's an absolute cracker.
And hold onto your hats, because the one and only PP Gayle Barrot has a little treat in store for our social event this Tuesday. 
We're off to the Australian Synchrotron for a tour to see the beamlines. After that, it's Stamford Hotel for dinner and some top-notch fellowship.
Now, here's a brain teaser to tickle your funny bone: What has cities, but no houses; forests, but no trees; and water, but no fish?
Can't wait to see your smiling faces there. 
Until then, keep those grins wide and spread the joy of kindness!
President Sangeeta
In order to confirm numbers for meetings at the pub, please ensure that you communicate the following to PP PHF Lorna:
  • notify if NOT attending by 12 noon on the MONDAY before the meeting
  • and notify if bringing guests or visitor
  • notify at any time about future absences and holidays.
Thank You!

Last Week's Meeting

President Sangeeta Bajaj - Opening Remarks

  • Happy Birthday to all Birthdays – Allan Douglas, Greg Adams – birthday today!!, PP PHF John Henderson
  • Wedding Anniversary – PP PHF John Henderson, PP PHF Marcus Adams, PP PHF John and Lorna Shaw
Welcome to our guests
  • Welcome Kristine and Greg Plath from Walkerston RC in QLD
  • Wheelchairs for Kids representatives Russell and Grant
  • Zoe exchange student from Canada in 2005 great to have her back with us – now a Nursing Practitioner at Queens Hospital in Canada
Peter Brock – welcome back from Singapore!
Adam and Amber received their Rotary badges - welcome to the club again!!!

Pres Elect Nominee 2025-2026 – Peter Brock

  • Moved Pres Sangeeta Bajaj
  • Second PP PHF Shalini Penny
  • Carried
Peter was in Singapore for 4 yrs – served in a number of roles here Sparkle, Kids Fun Run, Secretary, Chair of International here and served on Board
Peter is looking forward to our support and thanked the Board and Nominating Committee
Peter has kindly provided a background document for those who are new to the club and haven't met him yet (and for those who know him with insights we may not have been aware of!!)
Chairperson – PP PHF Lorna Shaw took to the podium

Club Survey Feedback – PP PHF Ian Ash

Some great results we are doing a lot right and members are enjoying the club dynamics.  There are always areas to improve and the Board will be looking at these in the coming months.
Community Chairs
All American - Greg Adams
  • Please sign-up to assist on the day
  • PP PHF Don Borg – was on the radio today – well done Don!! – Add to Sparkle
  • Advert for All American – thanks to PP PHF Ian Ash
  • Adam to assist with signs
Synchrotron Visit – PP PHF Gayle Barrot
  • 17 attending as spaces are limited
  • Those not able to come you are most welcome to join us at the Stamford for a meal afterwards at around 7pm - please let Gayle know if you are intending to join the group
  • Please liaise with Gayle to go on the wait-list for the synchrotron visit
  • Tour starts 5pm – 6pm - we are car pooling and meeting in Emerald at 4pm - Hita is liaising so please respond to her request for feedback via emai
Forum – PP PHF Gloria Hargreaves
Talking it Up- a Mental Health Forum for Youth” is being organised by the Rotary Clubs of Emerald & District, Monbulk & District and Belgrave to be held at St Marks, Emerald in late May or early June.
The aim is to reach out to students experiencing depression and anxiety issues and help them and their carers realise support is available. To help reach out to as wide an audience as we can, the Committee plans to make it a hybrid event.
A Committee of 9 which includes representatives from the 3 Rotary Clubs and associated experts is working hard to ensure this event will be a success. 
A full Report will be given at our next Club Meeting.
Walkerston Rotary Club – Greg Plath
  • Thank you for the warm welcome
  • Good to see you are as raucous as us and to see such great  fellowship
  • Congratulations Pres Nominee Peter Brock!
  • Our club and Kristine and I are very supportive of  Youth Exchange.  Our first exchange student was from Hampton New Brusnwick in 1997 we do keep in contact with a number of our exchange students. To get real value from the program you need to volunteer to host the studnets and the contact lasts a lifetime
  • Our club is part of District 9560 – We used to have the area from Hervey Bay to Mackay but we now go to Timor Leste as we have amalgamated with another district
  • Our club has 22 members  - it was up to 30 but one year 8 left due to job moves
  • Our projects include Polio Plus and The Rotary Foundation. We also actively support Shelter Box, ROMAC and Interplast
  • A local project has been painting street numbers in fluorescent paint so ambulances can attend easier
  • The ladies in our club have a project for children from broken homes.  They fill suitcases with items that will be needed.   Each suitcase made for an age ranged child all the things a kid at that age would need to go to a shelter
  • Another project is our street libraries – we now have installed 10 in the district in the last 4 yrs and have a great design for them we build ourselves
  • Greg a cane farmer from MacKay and mentioned he is always on southern side of the cyclones where strongest weather is but you learn to deal with that sort of thing!
  • Greg and Kristine thanked the club for the fellowship this evening!
PP John Shaw – 35th Rotary Ride for Medical Research – 2-8 March 2024
Wheelchairs for Kids – Grant Klaaysen and Russell Hayes
  • QR Codes used in schools
  • $22k raised in one school so the project is working well
  • A big year coming up and looking forward to working with Emerald Primary School
  • All volunteers
  • Need $275 per wheelchair to build the wheelchairs
Pres Sangeeta Closing Remarks
  • Russell Hayes and Grant Klaaysen - thank you for the update
  • Thank you Greg and Kristine for joining us
  • Thank you Zoe for coming along too
  • Congratulations to Peter Brock
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